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Phreeda Sharp

Phreeda Sharp is a half Ghanaian, half French rap artist who lives in East London. Born and raised in Ghana, Phreeda moved to the UK at a young age and fell in love with Hip-Hop when she first discovered The Roots, Jay Z and Missy Elliott. Phreeda then became a part of a funk band called Metis and when the band parted ways, she decided to pursue a solo career, which has been taking the Hip-Hop scene by storm where women rappers are most certainly diamonds in the rough.

She has since been developing her sound and style and launched a series of online viral videos she calls “rap spills”. The videos have gone down incredibly well with her fans and club DJ’s and has created a great buzz around her. With all of her YouTube video views well into the thousands, she’s gaining herself a very nice fan base.

Phreeda’s powerful image, individual style and original talent give this innovative up and coming star an edge which sets her apart from the rest. She has style to rival Rihanna, and vocal talent to rival Queen of Hip-Hop, Missy Elliot.

Phreeda’s sound is raw, antagonistic yet playful and actively promotes female empowerment which you get a real sense of in her music. Her brand new buzz single “Bad Jane” packs a lot of attitude with a kicking beat that gives a good taster of what to expect from this daring new artist. The vocals are insanely catchy and will have you singing along in no time at all.

Phreeda is currently working on her new EP which she hopes will enable her to showcase herself as a rap artist as well as a songwriter. She describes the upcoming album as “pieces of me that happens to rhyme”. The concepts on the album range from boastful slandering tracks as well as powerful female anthems that dabble in gender role reversal made solely for her female fans.

She says, “I really just want to pull together a collection of songs that will make people feel powerful and almost invisible when they listen to it. I want to inject energy and ferocity into whoever is listening so when they come away from my gig or from listening to my track, they feel alive, brand new!”

Often performing on stage with just an acoustic guitar or acapella, Phreeda’s passion for rapping is brought to light, and the way in which she raps about the opposite sex in the same manner male rappers often do about their female counterparts, is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing female voices to emerge from the UK rap scene in a very long time.

She is definitely one to watch out for in 2012!

Phreeda can be found on a large array of social media sites including those below. Be sure to check her out.

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