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Tresor Paris.

Tresor Paris is one of the biggest names in jewellery at the moment, celebrities love it, footballers love it, and the general public can’t get enough of it.  Wherever you look there’s a Tresor Paris bracelet sparkling away on someone’s wrist, both male and female alike.

The craze began around three years ago when Lilian Lousky decided to branch away slightly from her families diamond background as the economy had taken a down turn and crystals were a lot easier for everyone to purchase.  She had the great idea of creating a piece of jewellery that could go with everything, whether you want glam or just a bracelet to wear every day.  With her diamond background Lilian knew that crystals would shine a lot easier than diamonds with the way they are set, and having this knowledge lead to the Monaco Bracelet being created.

It wasn’t just the use of crystals that Lilian thought of, she also uses Magnetite which is filled with healing properties, so not only does your wrist look amazing, it’s helping your wealth fare!  Magnetite works with the body’s own bio-magnetic field as works wonders for asthma suffers, soothes muscle cramps amongst much more.  To go even one step further, every new design is tested at the Birmingham Assay Office to ensure it’s good for your health, and your wrists won’t go green as many of the fakes have been doing!

Having been lucky enough to talk with Lilian on her successes she indulged me into her great knowledge of the jewellery world and how she had always wanted to make jewellery.  She also told me of how she attended a party of footballer Didier Drogba, and the celebrities there went crazy over the bracelets she was wearing. It was then Lilian knew she had made it. Seeing people wearing her jewellery fills her with a sense of establishment, and never fails to put a smile on her face.   Tresor Paris have been lucky enough to never gift a celebrity with their jewellery, they have always purchased themselves, which is quite a rarity!  Even Usain Bolt crossed the winning line to defend his title as ‘World’s Fastest Man’ wearing a Jamaican themed ‘Saint Elizabeth’ bracelet.

Lilian and Tresor Paris not only rub shoulders with celebrities, they do a whole lot for charity.  Their most popular work was with Breast Cancer Care, where they created a pale pink set consisting of a bracelet, ring and ear rings, with the Pink Ribbon logo.  These were such a hit that they sold out in record time, and even had a waiting list for the next batch.  They have also teamed up with Children With Aids Charity were proceeds from their first birthday party went to this worthy cause.  Looking glam and doing your bit for charity, you can’t really go wrong!

After having ‘Blinged Up Britain’ as Lilian puts it, Tresor Paris have began to try their hand at something a little different, the Bellatrix range.  It’s soft, simple and elegant made with silver and gold for those looking for something a little more delicate.  They contain symbols which include the Hand of Fatima, and various traditional historical backgrounds as Lilian’s brother has a vast interest in ancient arts, and thought bringing this into jewellery would bring something new into the market!

If the Bellatrix range isn’t quite different enough for you then Tresor Paris do make bespoke pieces, whether it’s just a certain colour you would like, or something totally designed by you.  Lilian made herself a few little pieces and the response was incredible so that the family run company opened this up to be obtainable for everyone.  They’ve even created matching his and hers for a client!

Having recently been the host of the Duke of Essex Polo Lilian was delighted to see so many well known faces with wrists adorned in Tresor Paris bracelets, and having such a great time.  They also made a guest appearance at T4 on the Beach with their Tresor Paris bus, where they found out that Alexandra Burke was a large fan of theirs!

Lilian and Tresor Paris certainly have big expectations for the future after achieving so much in such a short amount of time.  You certainly need to watch this space.

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