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Natalie’s Guest Post…

The office in which I work has many great sister businesses all under one roof,  here we have a lovely guest post from Natalie that works for Quintessentially Gifts!

Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition – Stockholm


I was lucky enough to be visiting a friend last month at the same time as this amazing Jean Paul Gautier exhibition was on display at the Architecture and Design Museum in central Stockholm. As someone who has been to quite a few fashion/art/photography exhibitions I can state quite clearly that this was one of the most surreal one that I have been to.


When entering I was greeted by the man himself and several mannequins wearing  Gaultiers  2007 Virgins collection and ecclesiastical A/W 97-98 Couture collection. This was not just a lucky meet but a clever design of a talking mannequin superimposed with Gaultier’s face discussing (with himself) how he came to create his first bra for his female teddy bear way before anyone else got a look in. This was the same for all other captivating mannequins who sang angelically, winked and spoke occasionally to me on my way round the first section.


After the bizarreness of singing mannequins I then entered the corset section where (as we all know) Gaultier stood out from the crowd and created some amazing pieces for Madonna and her 1990 Blonde Ambition Tour. After spending a bit more time than you probably should staring at corsets I saw this beautiful Hèrmes crocodile collaborate which supprisingly stood out as one of the more subdued  items with no pointing breasts or painful looking metal framing.


Further along the exhibition showed Gaultier through different phases of career and his adaptation to developing design, from punk and tartan prints, to sequins and netting. His uniqueness was mind boggling and his designs flawless with creativity.


Ending the exhibition was some of his wildest couture creations and some movie designs he had contributed to. Throughout the exhibition you could see that Gaultiers designs were not created as ready to wear items but as pieces of art taking inspiration from travel, film, music, politics and environment.

In the words of Gaultier himself “Fashion is about what you look like, which translates to what you would like to be like”, I’m unsure whether ill be sporting a pointy bra anytime soon but a more creative look at my wardrobe I think is almost a must!

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