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Doggy Detox.

Those lovely people have sent me some more info!  This time it’s how to get your dog trim, I knwo I will be sharing a little of my Christmas dinner with the puppies…

For most of us, the festive period means indulging a little too much. After the party season the Burns helpline is usually inundated with calls from pet owners. Whilst you’re making new years resolutions, think about taking measures to ensure your pet is as healthy as possible. Fiona Firth, Head Nutritionist at Burns Pet Nutrition, highlights what you can do to help your dog detox too.

In January, many of us have plenty delicacies left over. Biscuits and mince pies may still be occupying your surfaces – but don’t be tempted to dispose of them by ‘treating’ the dog!  What may seem like a reasonable treat to you, can in fact be quite damaging to your dog’s health. For example, one biscuit seems disciplined but to a dog, this is the equivalent of eating 10 biscuits!

The raisins in mince pies can also be harmful. Dogs affected by raisin toxicosis can develop vomiting, lethargy or diarrhoea. As signs progress, dogs become increasingly dehydrated, can refuse to eat and may show a transient increase in urination followed by decreased or absent urination in later stages.

If you want to treat your pet, it is recommend treating them with Kelties treats, which are low fat, hypo allergenic and 100% natural. If you do want to give them leftovers, then vegetables are a safer option for a snack!

An alternative gift for your pet is nice long walks! In January, when we are all conscious of our diet, you and your dog can both benefit from leisurely strolls together. Your pet is bound to appreciate the extra attention and exercise, plus it benefits both your waistlines!

Again, Burns are always on hand to help:

Burns pet nutritionists are available on a free customer helpline, if you need any dietary advice for your pet or have any concerns call us on 0800 083 6696 or email at We are readily available to answer queries in the new year.

To find out more about Burns Pet Nutrition please visit the Burns website  and join their facebook page:

Do you over indulge your pet?


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