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Funny Search Engine Results

I have just seen a tweet about odd things people type into search engines and them finding your blog through it.  This prompted me to check out the searched quotes that people used to find my blog.  Some of them are a little odd and I’m still flummoxed as to how some of these happened!

Here are my top 10…

Bar The House

Is Jason Biggs a nice guy?

How scary is Up At The O2 in the rain?

I want my best friend to be my boyfriend / my best fiend loves her boyfriend

Eastenders Cast Pictures

Squibb Leggos

Wristbands for Photographers

Frankie Essex Frankie Essex Frankie Essex (why the repeating names?!)

“White Boots” trodden


Some of these have really got me laughing! These were just a few that I found as I skimmed through too!  A few I get; Jason Biggs from my night out with him and Up at The O2 as I have posts on both it’s just the funny questions people use to get them here!

What’s your favourite search engine query?


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3 responses to “Funny Search Engine Results”

  1. Rosie Baillie says:

    I’ve just looked through mine, the one that made me chuckle is ‘Kate Middleton’s boobs’ after I had a rant about the coverage of it, bet people are so disappointed when they end up at my post. Other ones that tickled me were ‘Cheryl cole saying water’ and ‘why do cats behead mice’.

    The best one I ever saw was for my works blog and someone searched for ‘what do sluts do to get promotions at work’. I have no idea how we showed up for that.

  2. Greg Urbano says:

    I don’t have any weird one yet! But now I am going to keep an eye out!

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