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Who Can Fix My Car…

So I have a very beautiful little car, he’s called Rory, and I love him dearly…


But as he gets older (he’s 11 years old now!) he needs a little more attention than when I first purchased him, and that’s where ‘Who Can Fix My Car‘ comes in!

There’s two ways you can use the site, it just depends on how good with cars you are!

If you’re a little useless like me, I tend to need a mechanic to diagnose what is wrong with my car!  I hunt on Who Can Fix My Car for someone I want to come and work on my car! Services list mechanics with their feedback rating so I can be sure I can be happy with them touching  Rory!

The second is more for the petrol heads… If you know what’s wrong with your car but are unable to fix it yourself you can post it here.  Mechanics can then contact you if they’re in the right area and are able to help you out!

If you’re still a little baffled then it’s all explained here!

Next time Rory needs a little extra care, I know where I’m looking!


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