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KUJALI iPad Mini Cover.

I’m in love, literally in L.O.V.E, with my KUJALI iPad mini cover. It’s perfect in every way!

Que tonnes of photos as it’s so pretty to photograph…

IMG_6310 IMG_6311 IMG_6312 IMG_6313 IMG_6314 IMG_6315 IMG_6316 IMG_6317 IMG_6318 IMG_6319

Yes, it may look stunning, protect all four corners of your iPad mini, have dust protectors for the ports, a hole on the back for your camera and kick stands of various angles, but there is also an incredible underlying story and a few great facts that you just have to know;

KUJALI is a new socially conscious tech accessory brand founded in November 2013 by Marc Day that helps to protect children in Africa from malaria.

A few years ago Marc was fortunate enough to travel to Africa with his wife touring Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and got to see how the locals lived and experienced their culture. They met so many wonderful families who had very little yet were so welcoming to them. Shortly after his visit he watched the film ‘Mary and Martha’ written by Richard Curtis for Comic Relief, a story based on true events which follows the journey of two western women who lose their own children to malaria and come together to raise awareness of the disease to the western world.

Digging a little deeper, Marc discovered that a child in Africa dies every minute of every day from malaria, a preventable disease.

Marc had just become a father for the first time and he felt heartbroken for those parents who had to watch helplessly as their children lay dying in overcrowded hospitals from a preventable disease.

He thought back to his time in Africa and he wondered if any of the children from the wonderful families he had met had suffered the same fate.

He felt compelled to do something to help. It was at that moment the idea for KUJALI was born.

KUJALI work closely with its giving partners who help to distribute long lasting insecticide nets and life saving treatments to the villages and communities in Africa where they are most needed.The partners we work with ensure that they document where each distribution takes place so we can directly show our customers the positive impact they are making to children in need.


For £29.99 (you can purchase here on Amazon) this is incredible and it comes with a lifetime warranty. My iPad mini has never felt so snug, or looked so classy. I’ve also done my bit to help a child in Africa.

KUJALI is an incredible brand and I really hope they can help make a difference.


*Item sent to review, but all reviews are honest.

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