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Wednesday Wants.

As Valentines Day is fast approaching I have picked a few of my favourite gifts for ladies from Objets de Desir! It’s a fantastic fashion, homewares and jewellery website that I recently came across.


I love this BatOwl. You are never too old to get cuddly toys for Valentines and this one is beyond awesome!  Plus we both really like Batman!


This ‘I Love You’ Print is perfect. I would so have this up on the wall of my house (when I get one) or in a ornate frame by my bed!  I’m sure I bug my partner in crime an awful lot!


This Silver Polar Bracelet is stunning. I can dream about my partner in crime buying my jewellery!

rabbitThis Rabbit Ring is beyond cute. It’s made from pure wool using the needlefelt technique; a labour intensive process which consists of repeatedly stabbing wool fibres with a barbed needle until the desired form emerges.  I think I NEED this!


Another jewellery dream… this time in the form of Hot Glitter Red Lip Earrings.  These would stand out so well under my dark hair, and wearing a lot of red they would match a lot of my outfits.  I think that’s a good enough excuse to lust after them!

Have you visited Objets de Desir?


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2 responses to “Wednesday Wants.”

  1. Kel says:

    haha I love the batowl, he’s fabulous!

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