Havering and Essex with an Alternative Veggie Twist!

The Other Duckling.

Recently the partner in crime and I have made the adult decision to save up to purchase our first house together, so that instantly meant I was on Pinterest looking how I would furnish our rooms.

I’m quite into the whole shabby chic look for our bedroom, very neutral colour so it’s a nice place to sleep.


There will obviously be an abundance of photographs in every singe room so the bedroom would be no difference! Β I then had The Other Duckling brought to my attention and I spied this beautiful wooden photo frame. The PR there kindly sent it over to me to review and I was instantly in love! Of course I popped my current favourite photo in it first!


The frame is so beautiful! Here’s a close up of the detailing:


I then couldn’t wait to have a new home to pop it up so I took down a canvas that I had up on my wall and gave this pride of place!


The upside of this frame is that it can be hung portrait or landscape so when I get a new favourite photo I can just swap it over!


I think it fits in really well with the colours of my current bedroom too!

I then had to make up a wishlist from The Other Duckling!


All of the items on the website are beautiful but there are my favourites!

How would you decorate your bedroom using items from The Other Duckling?


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