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How To Break Out Of These Common Beauty And Fashion Ruts*

I often feel that I’m not creative enough with my fashion and beauty style. I tend to wear the same makeup each day and pair the same clothes every time. However, after applying a bit of creativity and effort into my beauty regime and styling, I’ve realised that there are so many simple things you can do to freshen up your look. If you have fallen into a number of beauty and fashion ruts, here are some of my tips on how to break free.

Wearing the same makeup each day.


It’s common to get comfortable with a makeup style. But, if you have been wearing the same look for months or even years, it may be time to change things up. By taking a step back from your current regime, you may actually find that there are a whole range of products that suit you just as well, if not better, than your existing ones. To force yourself out of this rut, visit your favourite makeup counter in a department store and ask for their advice. They may even offer you a free makeover or samples.

Using your bag as a holder rather than an accessory.

If, like me, you get into a habit of using your handbag as a way to carry items from a to b then you are probably not using it to its full potential. Of course, the primary purpose is to hold your stuff but second to that, it’s supposed to look pretty! To break free from this rut, give your bag a proper clean out on a regular basis (I often have to use a vacuum cleaner as there are so many crumbs). Concentrate on the exterior too, it may also benefit from a clean and polish. Give old items a fresh look by customising with beautiful brooches and silk scarves. If it’s really passed it, have a look at what styles are in fashion at the moment. Treat yourself to something new and make a promise to keep it looking beautiful.

Wearing the same ensembles.


If you pick out a t-shirt but realise you can’t possibly wear it because its bottom-half companion is in the wash, it’s time to mix things up. For example, I have a Guns and Roses t-shirt I always wear with black skinny jeans. It’s a great look but, I wear it all the time! So, I’ve started wearing the t-shirt with striped, floral and animal print skirts. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your outfits. Mis-matched patterns, colours and textures are quirky and interesting. Also, try wearing things items in a different way. Scarves don’t just have to go round your neck. Some styles will also look great in your hair and around your waist or wrist. By taking a new approach to your existing clothing items, you will feel like you’ve got a whole new wardrobe.

Don’t be a slave to your fashion and beauty ruts. If you have your own tips on how to change things up, I would love to hear about them.


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  1. Ian Vernon says:

    Well could always Pop into to see my daughter Sarah on #Lancome counter at #debenhams #Chelmsford.

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