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Foxcroft & Ginger, Whitechapel*

Last night the chap and I took a trip to Whitechapel to try out Foxcroft & Ginger situated on Mile End Road.

Polaroid CUBE

The venue is bloody awesome, it has a converted warehouse kind of feel, and, of course, the Union Jack on the wall stole my heart…


Foxcroft & Ginger are a husband and wife team named after Quintin’s surname and his wives rather luscious red hair. During the day F&G houses an artisan café and bakery offers a specialist range of hand-made baked goods, incredible cakes, and delicious brunches, then of an evening they bring out the sourdough-based pizza, and brilliant Bloody Marys.  The exquisite coffee is available all day long!

But on to the food we tried… the pizza, it was so good!

I opted for the feta, chorizo, chilli and capers; which all complimented each other beautifully!

Polaroid CUBE

The chap opted for spicy sausage, onion jam and peppers.

Polaroid CUBE

After devouring these, we had very little room left to eat more, but obviously we did!


I went full blown Bakewell Tart and the chap had Apple Tart which we both loved!

I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed our evening out, it was only a short walk from Whitechapel station to get there, and on our journey home we strolled a few minutes down to Stepney Green station. We noticed loads of buses in the area too so it’s in a great spot which means you have no excuse to not go!


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4 responses to “Foxcroft & Ginger, Whitechapel*”

  1. Lisa says:

    This is only a few minutes from my flat and yet, although I’ve been for brunch I haven’t yet managed to get there for pizza. I must.

  2. Erin says:

    Getting such bad food envy from your pizza – it sounds amazing, definitely need to make my own with those toppings soon…

    Erin xxx Islandbell

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  4. […] Foxcroft & Ginger with the chap and the pizzas were very good indeed; read the full review here. Tresor Paris launched their latest range so I was obviously at that event being the fan girl that […]

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