Havering and Essex with an Alternative Twist!


I’ve lived on the outskirts of London my whole life but being a tourist is something I enjoy doing at every chance I get so when Avios asked me to Do More in my favourite capital I obviously jumped to it! The chap and I spent a lovely date day at London Zoo exploring, taking hundreds of photos (yes this post will be photo heavy) and being tourists with our backpacks and giant SLR!

We had such an amazing day starting with a stroll through Regents Park and photographing the super-confident squirrels! Look at this little chap…


The chap even took the camera and had a go…


But onto the bit you all care about; ZSL London Zoo! We visited on a Friday afternoon when the children had gone back to school so we had ample time to take in all the sights we wanted to without having to fight to get to the glass to see the animals. The joys of being this tiny aye?!

First up, we explored the outer area of the zoo and took some time to get to grips with my telephoto lens as it had been a while since we’d taken that out to play! The Owls were great models as they hardly move!


We had such a great time photographing all of the animals there, plus it was really nice to have a full date day after a week of decorating!

This cheeky chappy kept falling asleep and then peeking out at us watching him!


The zebras always crack me up as I think of Marty from Madagascar!


This beauty was watching all of the crazy lemurs that were in the enclosure with him.


How wise does this monkey look?!


Oh King Julien… yes there were a lot of Madagascar references on the day!


We stood and watched these Hunting Dogs for ages as they were all so sleepy and snuggled up!


My favourite of the monkey’s; the spider monkey! If I could have one of these as a pet I so would… I know it’s super cruelΒ so I will hold off!


And my favourite of all favourites!! Every time I have been to London Zoo the giraffes have been hiding from me, but on this visit they were posing away!


And you may have noticed there are no penguin pictures, they are the stars of my video going live on YouTube shortly!

Thank you Avios for a great day out!


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