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How to Find Your Bridal Style*

Finding your bridal style is the key to making sure you look absolutely stunning on your wedding day. If you want to wow everyone with your wedding day look, you need to make sure your style suits you down to the ground. Here’s how to find it:

Make a Pinterest Board of Styles You Like

If you have no clue where to begin, the first thing you can do is make a pinterest board of styles you like. Only add pictures you really like though – adding pictures that are pretty but don’t really help you in terms of style is a bad idea. If you look at a picture and think ‘wow, I want to look like that!’ then add it to your board.

Make a Note of Recurring Themes

Are there any recurring themes in these pictures? Perhaps most of the brides are wearing a veil; you should probably go for a veil! If the blushing brides are all adorned with tiaras, take a look at bridal hair accessories from Lola Bee and Me. Maybe the majority of them are wearing short dresses, or even off white colours. By making a note of these themes you can get some insight into what you truly like and want to look like.


Take Your Venue and Other Wedding Elements into Account

Think of the style of your venue and the other wedding elements you have chosen. If you’ve picked a really cool venue and your decor is a rockabilly sort of style, then you need to make sure your bridal style matches. Having a rock ‘n’ roll themed wedding won’t be the same if you don’t look like a rock ‘n’ roll bride.

Consider Your Usual Wardrobe

What’s your style in everyday life? Perhaps you could mirror this in your bridal style. If you love wearing girly clothes, then be a girly bride. If you prefer to wear really casual clothes, then make your bridal style quite understated. Make sure it reflects who you are down to a T!

Find an Amazing Hair and Makeup Artist

By finding an amazing hair and makeup artist, you can discuss with them your ideas and then can suggest some looks for you. Take a look at portfolios and see if anything they’ve done jumps out at you. You can do this yourself, but it’s risky if you don’t really know what you’re doing. It’s worth splashing out on a professional to get the exact look you want.

Make Sure You’re Totally Comfortable

You need to be totally comfortable on your wedding day. No matter how high your shoes are or how tight your dress is, you need to feel like ‘you’. If you’re uncomfortable, it’ll show in the pictures and others will be able to tell. If you feel amazing, you’ll automatically look amazing.

I hope you love this post and it’s helped you to suss out your bridal style. Leave your thoughts below. How did you find your bridal style? Let me know! Thanks for visiting!

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