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My Guide to Develop a More Polished Personal Style

Do you feel like your personal style needs more work? Would you love to look put together and polished like in magazine editorials and blog pictures? I’ve got you covered! Read on to learn how you can develop a more polished personal style, rather than the haphazard wardrobe you currently have:


Only Buy Items That Fit a Theme

I don’t mean a theme as in a superhero theme or the theme of your favourite book; just a theme that will help you to stay on track. You don’t want to buy anything too far out of your theme, as you know it won’t look right with things you already own. Your theme could be ‘classy’ for instance. The key to always having an amazing style is to make sure your items all match one another well.

Stick to a Particular Colour Palette

By sticking to a particular colour palette, you’ll ensure that your clothes all look great together. Not only that, you can develop a bit of a trademark look by doing this! People will start to recognise you, either for your classy neutral tones or your bright, bold outfits. Consider not only your personality when coming up with a suitable palette, but your features too.

Find Styles to Suit Your Body Shape

Finding styles to suit your body shape is key if you want to look amazing. Know what your body shape is, and know how to dress to flatter it. Show off parts you love and hide parts you don’t love so much.


Know What You’re Shopping for

When you go shopping, know what to buy. Make a list and then stick to it. This way, you’ll have everything you can possibly need and it’d be really difficult for you not to look polished!

Don’t Forget Your Jewellery

Jewellery can make or break an outfit. If you want to enhance your outfit in the best way possible, you need some great costume jewellery. Make sure the colour suits you and that the piece can be worn multiple ways. Never wear too much jewellery, but don’t under accessorize either. Experiment and see what looks good on you. Some people suit lots of earrings and rings, others just need one piece to enhance their look.

Use a Personal Shopper

If you’re still struggling with these tips or you just don’t want to try, you always have the option of getting a personal shopper. They’ll ask you some questions, and then they’ll find items and give advice on what they think will work well for you. Their job is to make you look and feel great, so even if you just visit once, they could change your wardrobe forever!

By now, you should have a good idea of what to do to develop your polished, personal style. It doesn’t matter if you like bold colours or crazy patterns, with these tips you can look more polished in a flash. You’ll probably have friends ask you for tips, so be prepared on what to tell them. Show them this guide if you like – it’ll make it so much easier!

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