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Instaupdate; December!

This past month has been filled to the brim with food and drink, so much so that I’ve turned into a right little chubster! Back to the gym for me!

Here’s my monthly Instaupdate…


The first big event of December was a night out with Penny & Sian which you can read about here, and we also did our yearly family photo at work.

I scrubbed up for my work Christmas party, got in the cupboard, celebrated turning 26, made a pretty awesome Christmas Tree, spent an evening with Google, played bingo (and lost) with the in-laws, had the cutest Christmas nails painted, and spent an afternoon being childish at BRICK 2015.

We had an awesome treasure hunt, spent time at my parents with the pups, and went out with my grandparents in our matching tweed blazers!

There was also a trip to see Star Wars, celebrating the chaps birthday with my parents, booking my lazer eye surgery, Boxing Day at the in-laws, tons of food, and of course, made a video of it all!

Happy New Year!

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