Havering and Essex with an Alternative Veggie Twist!

Modern Gent’s Gifting Guide

If the man in your life isn’t a bearded bloke then I have a little gift idea that might just be right up your street!

It may come a shock that both of these gift ideas are from The Body Shop, not a place you’d normally look for mens gifts!

The first up the is the Modern Gent’s Shaving Kit…


This went down a right treat with my other half. The Mace Root shaving cream is really soft and gentle and the razor relief was just as fab!


The shaving brush is too cute, makes me think of a proper old school shaving kit my dad used to have when I was little!


The other gift idea is the Modern Gent Post Party Rescue Kit


This will be much needed after his big night out with the lads next week!


But so far it’s be well received on non-hungover days as the face protector is fabulous for the winter weather and that chilling wind we’ve been having!

I have to say we’ve both been overly impressed with these delightful gift ideas and hope your man will be too!

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