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My Top 5 Sleep Tips!

Over the past few months, the little cogs in head won’t stop turning when I try to get off to sleep, it’s been driving me mad and have tried a hell of a lot to get more than five hours disrupted sleep a night! I’ve read articles, downloaded apps and sought advice from all over so here’s the top five tips I have found that work for me:

Turn your phone off a good hours before bed! These devices emit light of a blue wavelength, which tricks our brains into thinking that it is daytime so you won’t be ready to sleep if you’re checking your Twitter one last time before bed! I’m rarely seen without my phone so this was a toughie for me but it’s really helped!


Keep your bedroom for sleeping, and do your TV watching, blogging, Netflix and chilling elsewhere. It helps your mind to associate different rooms with different activites.

Keep your sleep pattern regular; I’ve cut out staying in bed until 11am of a weekend as it lets your body and brain think it can do this all the time and on a work day it certainly can’t! This doesn’t mean I’m up at 7am on a Saturday and ready to make the most of the day but I make sure the alarm is set for 9am, as we tend to go to bed a little later than on a work night.

Try to cut down on caffeine during the day, especially just before bed. I’m not actually allowed caffeine for health reasons but I do occasionally have a sneaky can of coke and I can really tell the difference on days when I have one! If you love hot drinks swap to decaf, and look for soft drinks such as Tango and 7-UP that don’t contain caffeine.


Take up exercise if you don’t already, as it will tire you out and make you feel even more sleepy! I really do notice the difference when I stop going to the gym; I feel more lethargic and certianly feel the added extra pounds I’ve gained from not going!

I hope these can help you!

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  1. Shannon says:

    I need this, I find it so hard to wake up at 5:30am for college because I can’t sleep at night until about 3am sometimes I even go to college after an all nighter. I’m definitely going to try these tips out. Not being on my phone an hour before I sleep is going to be hard!

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