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When it comes to commuting on London Transport every day there are certain things you learn and as a lot of my readers aren’t London based I thought I’d share with you some of these quirky things!


Trains rarely run on time, that’s if they’re not cancelled! I get the delightful TFL Rail into work five days a week, and they often cancel trains, change the timetable without you knowing or are late! So if you’re heading out of London don’t expect the train service to be reliable! The underground is a lot better with timing as they run a lot more frequently.
No matter what time of the day it is trains will be busy! I’ve commuted at all times of the day due to appointments and half days etc, and they’re always busy! Obviously rush hour is the worst but don’t get on board a train and expect to get a seat!
People lack manners! I was always taught that manners cost nothing and it seems that very few people know that these days! It appears that it’s every man for themselves and pushing people out of the way is normal! So don’t expect to have doors help open for you!
You will always get that one person that won’t move down the carriage so others can’t get on; we all want to get home so let us on!! No matter how much you shout they’ll ignore you! These tend to be the ones with their music on so loud that the whole carriage can have a dance party to it!
Commuting is expensive! I pay well over £2,000 a year to get the train into work every day, and the trains aren’t really worth that! But alas, one has to get to their job! They often tell you that buying a travelcard is cheaper but in my case this isn’t true so do check prices before you travel.
I do make commuting sound like the worst thing in the world, but it does work out a lot cheaper and easier than driving to work! I’m just a stickler for manners and punctuality!
Do you have to commute in? Or are you lucky enough to live in sunny climates?!
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