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Meet Dave the Mastiff, he’s a VIP (Very Important Pet, incase you hadn’t guessed)…

His owners have kindly given him the day off guard dog duty to enjoy all of his favourite things as his family have the Panasonic Smart Home Remote Monitoring Kit so Dave doesn’t have to worry!

I also have two VIPs that live with my parents, but I’m not so sure I’d call them guard dogs, I’d call them more ‘Pampered Pooches’! I’m sure they spend more time on the sofa than patrolling the perimeter fence, but who can blame us for letting them do so when they’re this cute…


I love the idea of having a Panasonic Smart Home kit so I can see if those pesky delivery drives have actually tried to deliver my parcels, and to secretly see what my pups do during the day when we’re not in. I have a feeling they have their own little adventures that we’ll never fully understand!

I think they deserve the day off being pampered at home and should be spoilt at a luxurious dog-friendly hotel, and if you feel the same about your pet then I know just the competition for you, and it’s the perfect place to gush over your pet by simply uploading a video or a film!

I will be uploading this photo, I think it shows how pampered they are!


Look at how chilled they are! I’m sure they;d love to be this chilled in a posh hotel!

Have you got a VIP? I’d love to see them, and don’t forget to enter the competition!

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