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The Best Outdoor Fitness Pursuits To Fight Flab Fast

Summer is fast approaching and many of us will be thinking about slipping into swimwear in a matter of weeks. If this thought has got you reaching for the fruit basket, or Googling local gyms, you’re not alone. Most of us make an effort to lose weight and tone up when spring arrives. If you’re not a gym bunny, and you’d rather exercise in the great outdoors, here are some perfect fitness pursuits to get you in shape.


Boot camp

If you thrive under pressure or you need motivation, boot camp is the place to go. When you join a boot camp class or sign up to a programme, there’s nowhere to hide. Follow regimented exercise regimes and intensive workouts and you’ll soon notice the difference. Many boot camp schemes also offer strict healthy eating regimes, which you can follow at home. The combination of healthy eating and high-energy workouts will help you to lose weight and tone up fast.

Running club

If you struggle to get motivated on your own, why not join a running club? You can enjoy the companionship of others and meet new friends. Take advantage of the natural beauty surrounding you and lighter mornings, and start your day off with a quick run with friends. Exercising outdoors can boost your mood and prepare you for the day ahead. Find details of local running clubs on the Internet, or plan your own routes.

Outdoor gym

If you’re a fan of going to the gym, but you don’t want to be cooped up inside when it’s sunny outside, why not invest in some outdoor equipment? Kit your garden out with a rowing machine, some dumbbells and a Pull-Up Mate. You can enjoy all the intensity of a gym workout in the fresh air. When it gets colder outside, you can simply relocate your gym indoors.  

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Yoga is fantastic for toning and increasing flexibility. It can also help to lift your mood and reduce tension and stress. Most people associate yoga with indoor classes, but it’s possible to practise your yoga moves just about anywhere. Take your mat down to your local park or visit the beach at sunrise. If you’re a beginner, you may wish to book some introductory lessons. Your teacher can show you the different positions and help you perfect your technique.


There’s no better way to spend a summer’s evening than a session on the tennis court. Grab some friends for a game of doubles, or sign up to a local tennis club. If you’re serious about improving your technique, book some tennis lessons with a coach. If you join a club, you can start taking on rivals and working your way towards local and national competitions. Tennis is fast-paced, and it burns plenty of calories. It’s also a sociable activity and a great way to meet new people.

If you’re eager to get fit without missing out on the glorious spring weather, why not bear these suggestions in mind? You’ll be looking and feeling fantastic in no time!

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