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Ideas to Make Your 21st Birthday An Absolute Blast!

Your 21st birthday is a landmark event. You want to be able to celebrate it in style and make it a day, or several days, to remember. I don’t think many people will want just to sit around at home on their 21st birthday; the world is your oyster! I’m pretty sure most people want to go out and celebrate with family, even if they don’t drink. I don’t think you can ever overplan a party because you want it to be perfect. So if you are planning your own party, or planning it for someone else, here are some ideas to make sure it is the best yet.


Go and get pampered at the salon. Whether that be hair or nails, or both! Indulge in a little time with your close friends or family and come out of there feeling like a million dollars.

Hire out an awesome car or limousine to take you around the city, from bar to bar. There are so many types of car to choose from, so there is one for everyone. Have a look and browse American Limos to choose the perfect one for you.

You could go for a meal out at one of the most fancy restaurants in town. Getting all dressed up is what it is about. If you can’t dine like royalty on your 21st birthday, when can you?

One choice would be to have a party at home. Why not have everyone come to you instead? It could be a tea party, a garden party, a rave or even a slumber party. Get creative and do what you want to do. It is your birthday, so the decision is only up to you.


An awesome idea would be to have a fancy dress party. This could be at home or even when you go out. You and your squad could dress in a certain theme; it will make the night so much more fun. Dressing in the fashion of the year you were born is always a funny option.

Of course, for a 21st birthday, you will want to hit the clubs! Make sure you book tickets in advance if it is needed. Get on the guest list and reserve a VIP area if you can. No mingling with the commoners when it is your 21st birthday party, darling.

During the day time, you could go to a theme park. It is great to get the adrenalin pumping and feel like a big kid. You could get candy floss and choose your favourite rides. You might even win a giant teddy bear at the arcades; the perfect birthday memento.

A classic thing to do for any birthday is to go on a shopping spree. You are twenty-one and pretty much a big deal. Treat yourself to something that you have always wanted and have fun shopping with friends.

What do you think you’d do for your 21st birthday? I hope you enjoy it and that it is the best day ever.

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