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Marathon Kit Bag

Today we have a super handy guest post from Helen


Are you taking part in the London Marathon this Sunday? No doubt you’ve done the training, chosen your race outfit and are enjoying eating ALL the carbs. But have you thought about what to pack in your kit bag for after the race? I’m not claiming to be an expert, but after completing four marathons, here are my tips for your post-marathon kit bag essentials.

1. Warm clothes
You might cross the line a hot and sweaty wreck, but you’ll soon start feeling chilly and will want to get out of your running kit. Pack a t-shirt, a hoody and pair of trousers to change into after. Don’t forget a fresh pair of socks! There’s nothing worse than sweaty socks on tired and possibly blistered feet.

2. Change of shoes
Pack a change of shoes, either a comfortable old pair of trainers (and clean socks) or even better, a pair of flip flops to let your feet breathe.

3. Sleep bra or crop top bra.
Ladies, this is one occasion where it’s ok to go without your best fitting bra. You will want to get your sports bra off as soon as you can and pulling a comfortable sleep bra or crop top on will be a lot easier than trying to fasten a standard bra. Plus if you’ve chafed, which is very possible, this will be a lot more comfortable for a couple of hours.

4. Salty snack
That banana and bottle of water at the finishing line will taste amazing. But by the time you’ve got your kit bag, you’ll want something salty to replenish what you’ve lost. Try salted peanuts, popcorn, salt and vinegar crisps, or try adding a salt sachet to a bottle of orange juice. Trust me. You’ll feel better.

5. Compeed
Compeed is the best friend of every marathon runner. Accept no alternatives. If you’ve got blistered feet, get these blister plasters on straight away.

6. Deodorant and wet wipes
You’re going to feel grim. That’s ok, you’ve just completed a marathon. But deodorant and wet wipes to freshen up a bit will make you feel much better, especially if you’re meeting family and friends after for a well-deserved post-run drink or lunch.

7. Can of Pimms
Or pre-mixed G&T or whatever your poison is. Because you’ve earned it.

Be sure to take valuable items such as bank card, oyster card in your pockets and make sure your phone with you and fully charged so you can meet up with people after. Of course, it’s also essential for the all-important Tower Bridge selfie!

Good luck and don’t forget to be awesome!

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