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What a Wonderful Weekend!

So this weekend was a rather lovely one, there were friends, family, and food; what more does a girl need! I thought I’d share some of the highlights with you as I took a good few photos!

Saturday morning was a bit of a useless one… typical me! We were off to meet the England Rugby Sevens team and I went to the totally wrong location, but at least the Chap got to see Twickenham; a real stadium where real sport it played! HAHA!


We then headed over to the Ideal Home Show and I obviously had to stop and meet Wilbur, the British Gas mascot!


So that could be the worst photo of me ever, but look how cute Wilbur is! British Gas had a huge stand where you could win your own Wilbur and found out about their many services.

We were recently told to try out Pastel de Nata by a friend and we stubbled across some at the show; WOW! They were amazing! Pastel de Nata is pretty much a custard tart and is pretty traditional in Portugal.


This weekend we have been cat sitting 3 rather lovely cats; the first is Teddy, and she’s a little bit in love with the chap!


Sunday was a food filled day as it was Nan’s birthday so 8 of us went out for lunch, and boy oh boy, did we feast!

It’s a bit of a family tradition that whenever we go to Anchora in Hadleigh, all the men have mussels to start, and yesterday was no different!


They were beyond words; I always make sure I get a cheeky taste in!

For mains most of us had battered River Cobbler with Sweet Potato fries which was lovely but the best bit by far was the Creme Egg Cheesecake!


I’m going to have to hunt down the recips for this so we can make it at home as I went a little crazy with buygin Creme Eggs when they were reduced in Tesco!!


These little cuties are the other kitties we were looking after this week, they live in our block and are just the cutest!


Just look at this little miss!!

For those of you that know me, you’ll be mega shocked by the next photo…


Yes, I have warmed to the idea of cats… and I even held one! For those of you that are a little confused by this; I’m a total dog person and am allergic to cat fur, so this was a huge step for me!


I finished up the weekend making some guacamole, which was amazing, and the recipe was mega easy so I will be sharing this week!

How was your weekend?

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  1. HanaRosella says:

    Looks like you had an amazing weekend 🙂 the cheese cake looks so good and how cute is Wilbur?!

    Hana |

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