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Tips for Finding the Best Dining Discounts in Essex *

Did you know there are more than 3,000 restaurants in Essex? If you wanted to eat at every one of them, it would take about 10 years if you ate at a different restaurant every weekday, and by then there would probably be new restaurants that you’d still have to try. Obviously, most of us aren’t interested in spending a few years on restaurant hopping just to find the best deals, so to avoid any unnecessary let downs we resort to the internet. If your online research (or curiosity) has led you here, rejoice because these are by far the four best ways to find dining discounts in Essex:


Browse Online Shopping Directories

There really is no need to look further than this first method, but we’ve listed a few others just in case directories aren’t your thing. The most convenient and useful shopping directory I’ve found is dealzippy. Visit their site to browse the latest deals from local restaurants and bars throughout Essex. In addition to dining discounts, dealzippy also provides a database of discounts on activities and entertainment (i.e. – things to do, sightseeing tours, family deals, etc.), as well as health & beauty services (i.e. – spa days, hair salons, tanning, and fitness classes).

Check the Local Newspapers

Many restaurants go the conventional route of advertising promotional specials and listing their grand openings in the local newspaper. The phonebook is another great place to look if you don’t mind putting in the time to call around. Reading some of the local papers is a good way to discover new restaurants through stories and articles related to the editors’ favourites. For example, the Essex Chronicle has provided a list of the best secret dining deals in Essex.

Visit the Websites of Popular Restaurants

A more straightforward approach to comparing restaurant deals is to simply search for the name of the food category you’re craving followed by the term “in Essex.” For example, searching for “Greek food in Essex” or “Greek restaurants in Essex” will return a list of Greek restaurants for you to compare. From there you can visit their websites and/or contact them via phone to find out who has the best available discounts and specials.


Join a Social Networking Group or Forum

Many restaurants advertise discounts through social media, and there are a number of couponing groups that share dining deals with each other through blogs, forums, and group pages on Facebook. Become part of one of these discount-oriented communities and you’ll have a constant feed of interesting deals on all sorts of things.

Broaden Your Horizons

If you’re willing to try new things, there are almost always incredible deals just waiting to be had at one of the many competitive new establishments popping up in Essex. Every year new pubs and restaurants open up and offer excellent specials as a way of appealing to potential customers. If you’re not picky about the deals you take, you’d be surprised at some of the tremendous value to be had just going from place to place taking advantage of the trending discounts.

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