Heat Holders *

So as you all know I went to Glastonbury over the weekend, and have already spoken about some of the bits I took with me, but there something else in my bag that was a total must-have…

Heat Holder Socks!

I wanted to put them through their paces before I recommend them, and I wholeheartedly do!

If you’ve seen the news you will know that this was the muddiest Glasto in the history of the festival so we wore our wellies all the time.


I’m not sure how I look so clean in this photo, these jeans certainly didn’t look like this when they got home!!

But anyway, I started off using my Heat Holder socks as the warm socks I’d put on once we back to the tent after our long days in wellies. Heat Holders  are renowned as “the ultimate thermal sock” and the 2.3 tog rating makes certain you’ll never get cold feet again, after a few minutes wear I was warm and toasty! Then on the last day, I realised that I hadn’t packed enough wellie socks so I used my Heat Holders as those and my feet were the most comfortable they have been all festival!

They contain a specially blended bulk yarn, cushion loops and intensive brushing process keep in as much warmth as possible for maximum comfort, which makes them feel like slippers!

I have to say, if we get Glasto tickets for next year, I’m taking 5 pairs of Heat Holders and leaving the wellie socks at hom!

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