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Instaupdate; June.

June flew by, quite like the rest of the year, so here’s my usual monthly round-up!


So starting top left and working to the right; I had awesome music themed nails done for Glastonbury. We had a friends leaving lunch at Five Guys and I always order far too much food! The chap and I had a date night to Junkyard Golf and were really disappointed by it!

Before the golf, we headed to Cluk in Shoreditch for dinner beforehand as it was on tastecard. I went for drinks for a friend birthday where I drank my cocktail from a teapot; so British of me! The Ribbon Tower at Glastonbury gave incredible views over the vast site. We added these cute coat hooks to our hallway and use them for our keys. We stayed in an AirBnB before Glastonbury and ventured up an insane hill to see The Tor. Typical flag photo from Glasto! We got our C3P0 bluetooth speaker and it’s the best thing ever! We headed over to friends for a BBQ and though we had better selfie… it’s rare that I put on make up these days!

365 tickets sent us to Kew Gardens for the day and it was stunning! Our annual Father’s Day BBQ happened at my parents so we got to spend time with my favourite puppies; they are too cute! I spent a very rainy Sunday on Columbia road with work friends and had some amazing Italian food.


After getting back from Glasto we craved healthy food so I made up this lush looking salad but it didn’t taste that great! Lots more Glasto photos… Block 9 had the most amazing scenery, mud mud mud mud mud is how I would describe it, and we drank plenty of milk when we were there. We spotted this stunning fox cub from our flat window, such a cutie. More healthy food cravings cured by our favourite stir fry. One of the clubs in Block 9 at Glasto required us to wear moustaches at the entrance… I think they suited us! And no trip to Glasto would be complete without a visit to the sign!

How was your June?

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