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Monkeying Around with Go Ape *

We are now on post three of our Oxford weekend, you can read about our car hire here, and our lovely hotel here, if you want to catch up. This post, as you can guess from the title is about Go Ape!

So we drove from our flat to Wendover Woods which was around half way between us and Oxford, and as we hopped out of the hire car, it poured down with rain. We had no raincoats and were dressed for summer… well done us two! After stressing about our attire we headed over to the hut to be safety briefed, signed the health and safety form and got our harnesses on.


After a really thorough safety briefing, we were let loose into the wild…

The first course wasn’t too challenging; up a rope ladder, across a walkway, a Tarzan swing and a zip wire which I loved. In fact, the zip wires were the best bit for me, although all my shouting and screaming at the time may have made those around me think different!

The second course got a little higher, but we got through it! We swung, we climbed, we stepped, we zipped and as we came to the end the rain began to pour again!

The third course, for us, was TOUGH! We were slipping underfoot as we were nervously stepping onto bridges walkways; I was working myself up, convincing myself that I was going to slip and not find my footing, which looking back on was stupid, you’re clipped on and not going anywhere! Mike was concerned with how high we were getting too.

With both of us not being overly keen on heights we did so well; we managed to complete 3/5 challenges before totally freaking out and deciding not to continue. I’m pretty gutted with myself that I wasn’t able to complete the full course but with the weather, the courses getting higher and watching how other people were coping on the last two, I think we made the right decision. I’ve seen so many people have the most amazing time at Go Ape and I’m so angry with myself that I wasn’t one of them! I did enjoy the swinging and zipping a little too much though, and it’s all of spoken about recently!

The team at Go Ape were amazing, they were so supportive of us, offering us a time out to grab a cuppa then see if we want to carry on, and when we came to choice of carrying on with our road trip they still gave us certificates as we had conquered a lot fear that day. I could have lied, showed off the certificate and said we finished but I’m not one to do such things, I wanted to be honest with my readers… I failed, and I’m happy with that.


We’ve been told the course in the Lake District is mainly zip-wires so guess which Go Ape I’m going to try next! Hopefully the weather won’t be so bad this time around!

We have to say thank you to the lovely team at buyagift for our tickets, sorry we let you down! buyagift is a great place for buying awesome presents for those close to you and letting them book for when it suits them. I’ve used them a fair few times now and have never ever had a disappointed receiver! They have so much to choose from that you’re bound to find something beyond perfect!

Have you been to Go Ape before?

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