Noble Naturals Nano Silver Spray *

Noble Naturals are a newish brand that have popped up on my radar as I’m not a fan of using antibiotics or steroids on my skin and am totally for natural methods of skin healing. I suffer from rather bad psoriasis on my wrist and often wear a watch or wristband to hide it which probably makes it worse but I hate having it on show.


The product that caught my eye was the Silver Nano Spray; It’s produced with purified water containing a very small amount of positively charged silver particles varying in size. These minuscule silver particles, where they are positively charged, cause only the negatively charged micro-organisms to be eliminated – which means they should eliminate my awful psosiasis.

The packaging of the products is a dark violet glass bottle which allow only positive infrared and ultraviolet light to pass through. This prevents oxidization of the silver, resulting in a superior product that retains it quality, which I love. It’s nice to see a brand that has gone for packaging that will benefit it’s product and not because it’ll catch your eye on a shelf with other items.

Here is the psoriasis today, it’s looking pretty ok today for once.


It’s a lot of dry skin, with a horrid patch of scabs under my band where I scratch. Psoriasis is a skin condition that causes red, flaky, crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales. It’s a long-lasting disease that I’ve had since I was a child, and it usually involves periods when you have no symptoms, followed by periods when symptoms are more severe. i find I flare up when I’m stressed or overtired.


I’ve used the spray on it for the first time today, and will be updating you with the progress as I go along. I’m already feeling a lot less itchy and the spray was so cooling as my skin is usually very warm! I can spray up to five times a day until the area is clear so pop back in a few weeks time to see how I get along with it!

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