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Cheeky Treats!

I love chocolate as much as the next guy, maybe even more so, so I’m here to share with you my latest chocolatey find that I think you may just want to indulge yourself in. Monty Bojangles, seriously, what a name, specialise in the luxurious side of things, but they don’t cost the earth. I mean £3.50 for Tesco is pretty damn good!


Monty Bojangles once quoted “I found these extraordinary cocoa dusted truffles whilst happening upon the most mischievous of monkeys surrounded by milky lagoons that I simply couldn’t resist. They are so curiously moreish and cheekily scoffable I decided to call them Milky Mischief.”

Being the lovely gal that I am, I shared my box of Milky Mischief with my team in the office and they went down so well. I think I may have topped their favourite person chart for a good hour or so with them! Food bribery always works so well!


What I loved most about the truffles were that they were milk chocolate, my favourite, and most truffles tend to be dark. I’m no about dark chocolate at all, so this was a total win for me. Also, with them being milky it made them a lot lighter than most truffles I’ve had before, although it may have meant I could eat more of them! The homemade shapes, being all odd, made them super cute too!

I really enjoyed the packaging of Monty Bojangles, as it was adorned with super quirky quotes… “A playful mood carried me to the summits of chocolatey peaks, where this gambolling adventurer could ride rapid milky rivers for a wonderful feather light day of Milky Mischief…”

Now, all that is left to do is try the rest of the range, and bribe the office once again; I’m sure they won’t mind!

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