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What Women Really Want *

So you’ve been together for a while now, and he finally gets down on one knee, you say yes and you live happily ever after.

Well for some women this isn’t the case; some women are disappointed by the engagement proposal and others don’t like the ring their partner chooses for them, but how many women does this actually happen to?

Almost a quarter of women! But only  32% of those women have told their partner how they feel!

Ingle & Rhode dared to ask women how they really felt about their engagement and have shared the results…


Would you help your partner pay for your engagement? Would you want them to ask your father’s permission? Would you care about where your diamond came from?

I personally think the ring should be chosen by your other half, and be paid for by them as it should be a total surprise (although I may have dropped some hints along the way as to what I’d really like!). I’d also like my father to give him permission as I’m quite old fashioned like that and I’d like to think that the diamond in my ring would be ethically sourced as they do at Ingle & Rhode.

What are your thoughts on helping to pick your ring?

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