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Being Luxurious for Less *

When it comes to the finer things in life, I’m a huge fan, but then again, who isn’t?! It’s something that everyone strives for, but I’ve got a few cheeky little tips that can help you enjoy the nicer things but at a smaller price. Yes, it is doable!

First up, is treating yourself to a posh breakfast once a week. We tend to do this on a Sunday and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. We like to have avocado, scrambled egg and spinach on toast, but to make it worthwhile we purchase a loaf of bread and freeze the rest so it lasts. We also buy our avocados from market stalls rather than supermarkets. There’s one opposite Goodge Street station in London, close to my office, that does 2 of them for £1 so that’s a little saving there!


Secondly, I like to have luxurious shampoos and conditioners but hate paying too much for them as I tend to lose most of it down the drain before it gets to my head, I’m so clumsy. I often use 3 for 2 offers or wait until they go on offer and stock up. I’m a huge fan of the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask so I stock up when Boots have offers on, but they do tend to last quite a while.


I also do the naughty and take the nice bathroom goodies when I travel as then tend to be a little nicer than what I would usually buy.


Thirdly, coffee. You have to have good coffee, and that can often be expensive especially when you have a Nespresso machine. We were so lucky to be gifted our MagiMix Citiz and Milk Limousine a few years back so that means it makes our coffee even cheaper but we like to keep the pods cheap too. We use for this. Gourmesso espresso is available from only £0.21 per capsule, while the original is around £0.29 or more per capsule! You will save more than 30% with Gourmesso coffee capsules compared to the originals.

Plus another great thing about Gourmesso is that they do tea pods!! Yes, this is the dream for me, as I no longer have to wait for the kettle to boil as ours seems to take forever. My current favourite is the Roobios Vanilla Infusion, I’m drinking it like it’s going out of fashion.


Lastly, sign up to sample sales of your favourite brands. There are good ones that happen around London all the time, it’s just being in the know. I get emails from Mulberry as a girl can never own too many right? I also receive them from Burberry, Joseph and a couple more. To ensure I don’t miss out on any good bargains. I’m a firm believer of ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ so there are certain items, like bags and winter boots and coats, that I firmly believe in splurging on as they’ll get a lot of use and be a good investment.

What do you do to spoil yourself for less?

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