52 Films in 52 Weeks!

Each year I set myself a target of watching 52 new films in a year, so one a week, and this year I failed so badly at it!
We watched Making a Murdered, The Tudors, Stranger Things and Band of Brothers so they took up a lot of our film watching time as they were quite long episodes.

With us being away for Mike’s 30th Surprise now we won’t have time to watch anymore this year, so here are the films I did manage to watch:

Kingsmen; The Secret Service
What We Do In The Shadows
A Long Way Down

The Pirates! Band of Misfits
The Last of Robin Hood
Double Jeopardy
Cool Runnings
Short Circuit
About Time
The Voices
From up on Poppy Hill
Lemony Snickets
Blue Jay
The Hunt
Norm of the North
I Love You, Man
Ferris Bueller’s Days Off
The Big Short
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Are there any films I need to watch in 2017? I need to start to up my game again and get watching! I don’t mind if they are old or new films, I’ve probably not seen it as I’ve hardly watched anything worth while before!

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