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The Four Apps You Need While Travelling *

What’s that one thing you need to have while stepping out of your house? For me, and many others, it’s a smartphone. I cannot imagine my life without a smartphone, especially while travelling. There is just so much there that helps me plan and manage my travels without getting lost in a foreign country.

There are a few apps that I use routinely on my travels, in and around the country that have saved me from lots of trouble:


Tripit is a saviour when it comes to checking emails for confirmation and making travel itineraries. It usually takes a lot of time and concentration to do this task by yourself. I personally would do anything at all rather than checking my email over and over and laboriously writing down each conformation for a trip. Just forward your emails to Tripit and will extract the needed information so that you do not have to.

App in the Air

This great app integrates with Tripit and provides the information for all flights in your travel itinerary. What’s great is that it also works when offline with saved data. The app divides a flight into four parts to make the travel and time management easier.


Perhaps a better version of Google maps, citymapper compares all transit options and lets you know how long each will take in real time. It’s great while traveling in major cities because unfortunately it only works across 30 of them.


XE is the only currency converter you will ever need. Just put in the amount and it will convert it into current currency rates. The app also works offline so you do not have to worry about being swindled in some antique foreign market with no internet coverage.

And a bonus…


With so much going on it may get a little taxing to prepare and execute your trip perfectly. When you are just waiting for your flight to board or for the weather to clear up, you can always pull out your phone and play a game or two of bingo on for a great time.

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