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Instaupdate; November & December.

I was a little bit useless with my Instagram updates the past few months so I’m going to give you a short round-up of the final few fun bits and bobs I got up to.

Starting with November!

I started the month with a fashion event for See Fashion, had a great night out with my girlies, and a 24hr trip to Copenhagen for work!

We spent 48hrs in Whitstable for my dad’s 60th birthday, had an incredible weekend in Lyon that I will be sharing with you this month, we tried the new menu at The Diner in Spitalfields, had the most amazing Pan-Asian cuisine at Yuu Kitchen and we reviewed the new Ibis at Heathrow.

We had the Christmas menu at Chi Kitchen and loved their twist on our traditions, we saw Simply Red perform the Stars album in full and dined at The King William IV in Colchester which was great.

 So, now on to December…

December was a crazy month, as it always is!

I started the month with my awful crafting skills with John Lewis, followed by a tonne of fantastic food from Mango Tree, and we went to see The Cure in Wembley after a lovely day spent with family… some I’ve never even met before!

We made divine meals at home and did a mega fun date night box that had us giggling away, the team at work had a freebie lunch from DF Mexico which was amazing, and I checked out B.Y.O.C with my other plus one, Davide. Mike and I also got to see Placebo and dined at Sugar Dumplin’ beforehand.

I also celebrating turning 27 with family fun, and a day & night out with Mike including Planet Hollywoods dreamy burgers. We had our yearly girls night out which ended up a lot messier than I had planned! There was wine drunk from the bottle with straws, beer goggles and Christmas headwear. I couldn’t not share the photo of my pups being so cute in their new Barbour coats, I just can’t cope with them!!

And to finish up the year, we celebrated Mike turning 30…

I whisked Mike off for 4 days to Berlin as a surprise and we visited Christmas markets, dined on the roof od the German Parliament, and had some of the best brunches we’ve ever eaten! There will be a full array of posts this month!

On New Years Eve, both our families got together for dinner and a celebration. We had a private Thai chef that cooked over 15 meals at my parents home complete with waiter service, but I will be sharing more about that shortly too!

I think we ended the year on such a high that 2016 really will be a tough one to beat!

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