Mixing Up a New Style London Cup Cocktail with Sipsmith *

If, like me, you’re a little bored of Pimms and want something a little more sophisticated then the London Cup is for you.

Brought to you from the well-known lads from Sipsmith, and made with their hugely famous gin, you know this is going to be one promising drink!

The London Cup London Cup is inspired by punches of old, that takes its name from the Hindi word ‘panch,’ meaning five, and named for its five flavour components of spirit, sweet, dilution, citrus, spice, bitter, and blends Earl Grey tea, lemon verbena and borage with a selection of vermouth and bitters.

The drink itself smells slightly of caramel which is a total winner for me but the taste is a little more bitter than expected from that with a subtle hint of marmalade! Sound’s crazy, but trust me, it works so bloody well!

It’s also a really easy one to mix up, like crazy easy…


35ml Sipsmith London Cup
200ml or Lemonade
Slice of Lemon
Ice Cubes


Pop in a couple of pieces of ice into a wine glass.

Measure out the Sipsmith London Cup and pour it over the ice.

Fill the rest of the glass up with the lemonade and finish off with a slice of lemon.

Even easier to make that Pimms right?!

I think is the perfect drink to take with you to BBQs, but I’m not one for sharing things that I like, so it may be best that I keep this one at home for myself!

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