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How Would I Use My #LicenceToChill?

 Recently, the team from asked me If I were my favourite film character and I could live one day in the life of them what would I do; this really got me thinking! I’m not entirely sure I have a favourite character from a film that I could be for the day – I mean Buddy the Elf is pretty damn cool but I wouldn’t trust him with money, or getting on in the everyday world without help!

I did think that being Lara Croft from Tomb Raider could be quite fun, but then she’s not very rich and I’d quite like to live the life of luxury! I didn’t want to spend my day as James Bond as many who Chill Money asked wanted to, he’s not quite my cup of tea!

I do think to be Marty McFly could be pretty damn awesome to be able to time travel as I’d go back to the Tudors so I could meet Henry VIII as he’s one of my favourite historical figures. I’d maybe also go and visit the Kray Twins and try and solve the Jack the Ripper murders myself too! Just imagine how much fun you could have with a time machine.  I’d also maybe go back and relive some of my most favourite memories from my childhood, maybe even write them down in diaries so I could keep them.

I don’t think I’d be much fun in the Gatsby era, I’m not a huge fan of the 1920s. Although saying that I’ve never seen the film and could be totally wrong! I’m more about the 1950s as I love their dress sense. Maybe I could pop back there and grab a few dresses and bring them back to this day and age so I could wear original clothing. Now that would be pretty cool!

What film character would you be for the day?


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