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Summer in a Cup *

As I’m on the subject of summer drinks then this one certainly deserves a mention!

When it comes to summer drinking, then it’s all about coconut rum for me! That just screams summer and it’s such a fun spirit to mix up with various fruit juices, other spirits and plenty of cocktail umbrellas!

My firm favourite for this year is a bit of fun with making my own juices, getting messy and drinking in style afterwards! You will need your own juicer for this, but I will give you the cheats version at the bottom!

I give you my Summer in a Cup recipe…


2 oranges
1/2 a large pineapple
1 large mango
Aluna Coconut Rum


Peel the oranges and discard the skin.

Take your mango and slice into smaller chunks. Just be aware of the core! Or if you’re making this after a few drinks, just scoop the mango out with a spoon.
For the pineapple (watch your fingers) – slice the pineapple in half, then cut the top off.  Use this flat edge to stand the pineapple up and cut the skin off, following the contours of the pineapple. Slice into large pieces.
Throw all of these into your juicer, and voila, your base is ready!
Top up with a 25ml measure of Aluna Coconut Rum, or if you’re feeling real summery go for a 50ml! Don’t worry, it’s low in sugar so you don’t have to worry!
If you want an easier method, then you can simply buy juices from the supermarket like I did for experimenting with the mixing of juices!
I’ve found that these measurements work quite well:
75ml Pineapple Juice
50ml Orange Juice – I tend to use smooth juice here!
75ml Mango Juice
25ml Aluna Coconut Rum – but again, you can up this if you’re feeling daring!
Don’t forget to top your glass with a tiny umbrella, or save a slice of pineapple to dress your glass to keep it extra summery!
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