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To Breakfast or not to Breakfast? *

We’ve long been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, both my mother and boyfriend go on about it – but how much do people actually listen? And when people are eating breakfast, in order to have a healthy start to the day, do they choose something filling or go for a convenient option? I’ve teamed up with AHDB to find out:

To breakfast…

65% of people eat breakfast at the table.

A survey by Toluna QuickSurveys on the UK’s breakfast habits surveyed 2,000 people, and the majority of respondents said that they sat down to breakfast every morning. An additional 19% said they rushed through breakfast when getting ready for work, or while looking after children. This is backed up by a Statista study on the changing breakfast habits of 2016, which noted that 22% of its respondents either had breakfast on the go or breakfast out of the home. I personally have my breakfast at my desk as I’m not one for eating as soon as I wake up!

On a weekend, the figures of people sitting at the table for breakfast increase slightly, with 73% of respondents eating at the table.

Not to breakfast…

25% of people don’t eat breakfast every day.

A quarter of the respondents to the Toluna QuickSurveys study admitted to not eating breakfast every day. Nearly 5% of people even said they didn’t eat breakfast at all. I used to be one of these and since having starting eating breakfast it’s really helped my mood and productivity!

But if you’re not a breakfast fan why not try some of these options…

50.1% of the Toluna QuickSurveys respondents chose to start the day with grains, cereals and rolled oats. So why not start your day with Cereals, muesli and porridge. Toast with a topping followed, with 24.3% of respondents starting the day with this as a breakfast. A cooked breakfast, whether it be a full English, eggs or fish followed at 7.1%. 5.65% of respondents began the day with fruit and/or yogurt, 2% with pastries or a bagel, 2% just had a drink and 1.8% begin their day with breakfast bars and biscuits.

The results of the Toluna QuickSurveys research tie-in with the Statista study, which discovered that 65% of respondents choose to make healthier choices, which could include grains and cereals. 26% of respondents had a hot breakfast which could include cooked breakfast or toast with a topping. I’m a porridge fan during the week, but an avocado on toast with scrambled egg and spinach of a weekend!

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