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The Station Pantry, Upminster

You all know that I’m a big fan of keeping things local when I can, so an evening to The Station Pantry in Upminster was needed! As the name suggests the venue was minutes (if that) from Upminster station and on the hot day we visited the aircon as we opened the door was very well received! The Station Pantry is a family run restaurant with a slight Caribbean feel to the menu and I was eager to try the food!

For starters, we did a little sharing just to try them out! We had the BBQ Chicken Wings that has such great sauce – we did ask for more details but the secret recipe is under lock and key!

We also had the Garlic Bread with Cheese that mopped up the excess sauce from the wings very well! The slices themselves weren’t too thick as they can be.

For mains, I just had to have the traditional Jamaican jerk seasoned chicken breast with lettuce, tomato and red onion on a burger bun. I had this with sweet potato fries. The filling was a full chicken breast marinated in the perfectly spicy homemade jerk sauce. When I say perfectly spicy, it did have me sweating slightly with a running nose but this is how I like my spice!

Both of my parents had the Steak Salad as they had been before with friends who ordered it and they had had food envy over! The dressing was light, the steak cooked well and two empty bowls were left on the table.

After seeing that I must admit, that I’m going back to have it soon! I’m also quite tempted by the spinach leaves with red onion, avocado, beetroot and pine nuts, or the seasoned chicken breast with Spanish sauce, rice and seasoned vegetables. Looks like I will be having more than one trip back!

To drink we had a lovely bottle of pink Prosecco that went down a treat!

The service was super homely and really attentive. The team behind The Station Pantry have put a whole lot of love into the venue, food and service and you can really see that oozing through when you visit.

See you soon!

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