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Sharing My Internet Friends!

When I was younger I was always told to be wary of strangers and to never meet people I don’t know, but the world we live in now is so different to how it was 10 or so years back.  I actually spend more time talking to my online blogger buddies than I do my friends I met in real life.  Over the past month, I’ve spent a hell of a lot of time with these internet buddies out in the real world and I thought I’d share their blogs with you as they are well worth a read!

My babe, Hayley! I’ve spent time with her recently in London and Birmingham where we got those ridiculous ice creams. She writes over at Strangeness & Charm where you can find food, solo female travel and beauty too.

Lizi is Glasses Girl. I met with these babes when I was in York with Rachel. Lizi covers dating, food and drink and lots about York. They’re also pretty good for chit chat over a cocktail or two!

Another double whammy here with two more babes! Kariss writes Shy, Strange Manic where she got her name from a Blink 182 song. She covers vintage fashion, travel and London foodie spots. Maryam pens Maryam Sofia where she covers travel and some incredible make up looks. She’s bloody insane at make up!

Milly’s blog, Mini Adventures, is total goals; her photography is amazing and her content on travel, food and London often fills me with inspiration. I’ve seen her so much recently, I’ve even carried her around on my back during a game at a recent event, but have no photos of us!

Also in my blogging girl gang is Kellie who I’m yet to meet in person! I need to venture up north again to get in some cocktail time with her! They fill my Whatsapp daily with proper good banter, are there to listen to my rants and we’ve put the world to right many a time!

I highly doubt I need to mention Penny in this post as she’s been on this blog more than any other blogger I know, but having known her for at least fours year, she’s been there for me through a lot. On her blog A Penny For Them she covers lifestyle, homewares and food.

Who is in your blogging girl gang?

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