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EMP Birthday Lusting *

This is your 40-day warning klaxon for my birthday, so don’t be giving me the excuse that you didn’t know when the time rolls around! This means I’m on the prowl for gift ideas as so many people ask me what I want as they often struggle with my quirky tastes and the fact that it’s so close to Christmas too. A firm favourite of mine at the moment is the EMP site as it covers so many of my interest; The Nightmare Before Christmas, pretending I’m a Mermaid with my ridiculous blue hair and music from the heavier genres!

If you’ve not heard of the site before this might give you a better idea…

Naturally I’ve gone through the site and picked my favourite from four categories; shoes, jumpers, t-shirts and jackets as these are my favourite items of clothing. I’m not big into dresses, I only wear Levi’s jeans and I’m inundated with leggings! So, in case you need ideas for me, take your pick!

First up is t-shirts! I am such a t-shirt obsessive, I can’t make an online order or go clothes shopping without coming back with a few of them! I have drawers full of them at the flat and even more drawers of them at my parents too!

I’ve picked this cute one shoulder, slouchy feel t-shirt as I don’t have any this shape! I’m a big fan of stars and this will go super well with a pair of my black skinny jeans and my black boots I picked up in Nashville!

Secondly, jumpers! I LOVE a good jumper. I’ve got a drawer of them too!

I picked this cutie as I also LOVE Jack! I know it’s a Christmas jumper and I’m not a Christmas kinda gal but this means I get involved in the jumper action but still maintain my goth life attitude to it!

Next up, jackets. A girl can never have too many of those right?!

I fell in love with a light denim one of these not so long ago but didn’t buy it as I didn’t think I’d wear it much being so light during the winter so this one is spot on. I’m also a bit of a sucker for corduroy!

Lastly, something I need zero of but always want.. Shoes!

These ones are so versatile that I can totally squeeze them into my collection! I think they’d be great with jeans in the winter and with little frilly socks with shorts or dresses in the summer. They look dead comfy too!

Have you got any favourites on the site?

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