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The Tech I took on Trek; Part Two! *

As you may have seen in my previous post, when I was on our Trek America I was using an iPhone 7 Plus and looking after the Trek America Instagram Stories so I would be using the phone a fair amount. I was worried the size of the phone would be an issue with my child like hands and holding it to chat Instagram would be near impossible!

This is where the Joby Griptight POV Kit came in insanely handy!

The whole idea of the Griptight is so good, not only did it make holding the phone in general a lot more easier, it made talking to the camera mega easy and also doubled up as a tripod. Here’s how I used it on my two week trip…

Instagram Stories

So I had the great task of updating the Trek America Instagram Stories so that their followers could come along on the trek with us. I could unfold the Griptight, use Hands Free on Instagram and use the phone with ease. It meant the phone was held at a more natural angle, I wasn’t struggling to hold the phone up so I could fully concentrate on what I was chatting about!

Group Snaps

Being on a group trip meant there were times where we all wanted a group selfie and with the Griptight this was super easy. I’d simply give the phone to whoever was on the end, they’d hold the Griptight and I’d use the Bluetooth Remote to snap away when we were all happy with where we were stood. It meant I could still be in control of the photo I was taking and it meant you didn’t have to do that awkward sideways phone hold whilst trying to tap the button. I always find I move the phone when trying to press the shutter button so I normally get blurred images… not any longer!

Couple Selfies

This was a similar experience to the above but it meant we could get far better angles with the Griptight and Shutter Remote. Without sounding too vain, it meant we got far nicer holiday snaps to look back on. For a few of the days, we went off to explore on our own as a couple so we couldn’t ask the rest of the group to take photos for us and I always feel little awkward asking strangers in case it hinders their day or they’re in a rush.

It also meant we could have a little more fun with our selfies without feeling silly in front of the stranger taking the photo too!


You could use the Griptight as a mini tripod which worked really well for two reasons; one, it was a great way to prop up my iPhone whilst watching videos which I do a hell of a lot. Two, we could prop the phone up and take long distance selfies if we wanted more of a full length kinda snap! Super handy!

The quality of the Griptight was great; the iPhone never slid out, the bolts all stayed tight and the plastic was super durable as it was in and out of my bag constantly.

I don’t think I could travel without one now!

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