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Cocktailing with Late Night London *

Every now and again I feel the need to grab the girls and go drink posh cocktails, then dance the night away. More often than not, when I’m planning these kinds of nights out I want to find somewhere we can all get home easy from, somewhere that’s not too far from all our offices and most importantly, I want somewhere that’s fun, quirky and going to ensure we have a good night out.

That’s where Late Night London comes into play!

Late Night London helps you to plan what could be your most memorable night out yet, something we all aspire to make our nights out when we’re in the planning stages. I know when I’m planning I’m thinking of the photos we will share the next morning, the flashbacks that’ll occur the next days and those Instagram Stories we’re going to regret sharing; everyone loves watching like ten videos of me thinking I’m Beyonce after a few drinks right guys, right?! Late Night London prides themselves on showcasing the most exciting, impressive and happening restaurants and bars across the city and they will make sure you never go to bed without a story to tell. It’s what life is all about!

On the site you can search for venues to throw your sick shapes at, pre-planned events to save you doing the hard work, plenty of blogs from locals that have actually been there drunk that and got the cab home after missing their last train. I mean, not all of us have the luxury of the night tube where we live! They also showcase their favourite places of the moment so if you want you Instagram to be totally on point then they are the places you should be checking out.

On my most recent girlie night out, we decided to tone it down a little; civilised cocktails on a Monday as we were long overdue a catch up and with all the Christmas festivities going on we’d done plenty of dancing over the weekend! Our chosen destination was Simmons in Soho. I was sold when I read Late Night London’s description of ‘This quirky bar fits like a glove in their eclectic & eccentric Soho. With their obscure lamp collection and vintage game station, neon signs and fun wallpaper, oh and their incredible cocktail selection. ‘ I love a bit of quirky decor, anywhere with a skull-shaped disco ball is a HUGE win for me.

The cocktail list was super extensive, and between us we tried six different ones. My personal favourite was the last of the evening; the bluebird. A mix of Malibu, Lemon Juice, Pineapple Juice and Blue Curacao which not only matched the colour of my hair but it tasted bloody great too! My drinking buddy was totally sold on the Bramble which is a simple mix of Gin, Blackberries and Lemon.

We had a really great night and Late Night London’s suggestion of Simmons suited our needs perfectly. So if you’re ever stuck for an idea of a place to go get on LNL and find your match!


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