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Suiting Up with Suit Direct *

When the winter season sets in, there are so many fancy parties to attend, drinks to be drunk and even more food to be eaten…

So what an earth do you wear?! A nice frock with Dr Marten’s and a bowler hat.
What does the man in your life wear?! A posh dinner suit from Suit Direct with a bow tie and pair of Vans. Obviously!

With Mike being so tall and slim he can often struggle to find suits that really fit him well. He often moans that when he’s tried on skinny fit suits in the past they can be really tight around the thighs and the jackets sleeves can often be too short.

But the sleeves on the limhaus Shawl Lapel Slim Fit Dinner Suit were the perfect length just showing a small amount of shirt sleeve around the cuff.

The trousers fitted as they should, allowing Mike to throw some sick shapes should our parties end up like that! They were also the spot on length for his height. I ordered the suit without asking Mike his sizes, risky I know, but I wanted to see how well I could dress him for the season as a surprise. Bit of style challenge type thing! He approved greatly of both the suit and my styling so that’s a total win. And, another mega win is that the trousers are machine washable at home!

I thought I’d pair his suit with a pair of burgundy Vans which are far easier to walk on the snow in than his smart shoes with minimal grip and matching bow tie to add a little pop of colour as we like to keep it quirky. The burgundy also matches the sequin details on my dress so we matched. Yes, I know, couple goals right?!

That’s also why I popped on my favourite hat, a little leopard print faux fur collar and my Polley Dr Martens. It just keeps a little bit of our personalities within our outfits which are both big fans of. It also means I won’t be moaning about having sore feet from wearing high heels!

We couldn’t resit shooting these photos in the snow as we thought it really brought out the wintery feel of getting dressed up to head out to parties, drinking plenty of mulled wine and eating too many turkey dinners. Such a winter wonderland feeling!

Overall, the quality of the suit was fantastic with the satin lapels and pocket edges adding a little class. The way it fitted Mike was spot on which can be so tough when shopping online and you can’t judge the fit and shape. I also loved that despite it being a dead posh suit, the poshest Mike has ever owned, it still allowed me to style him with his Vans and not look awful! I always worry the style ideas I have in my head won’t work when actually put together but we both loved this.

Suit Direct, it’s a thumbs up from the Squibbert household on this one!

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5 responses to “Suiting Up with Suit Direct *”

  1. Kariss says:

    I love these photos so much!! They are frikkin adorable and you both look amazing!!

  2. You both look amazing! This makes me so excited for an eventual engagement shoot!

  3. Jenny says:

    Aw, you both look amazing! Those Dr Martens are fab 😀

  4. […] in a few nights off to have a cosy night in and drink some bloody good wines. We also did my most favourite photoshoot ever in collaboration with Suit Direct; the snow really set it off and I’m so happy we had a […]

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