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Trying Daily Contact Lenses with Vision Direct *

Before you ask, no I haven’t had a disaster with my laser eye surgery and had to go back to wearing glasses or contacts! But I have teamed up with Vision Direct and they’ve got Mike trying out daily contact lenses as he’s normally a monthly wearer.

Vision Direct are Europe’s largest online contact lenses supplier with a huge range of lenses with most of them being available for next day delivery so they’re super handy if you’ve forgotten to order in your next batch. If you order by 7pm you can request next day and what is even better is that UK delivery is free on orders over £49, so if you’re ordering up a could of months worth not only will they arrive the next day, they’ll be delivered for free!

If you’re having trouble knowing what lenses to order then they even have an email address where you can email their in-house optician for help, which we did as we weren’t too sure what ones would be best suited so we asked for a few options to pick from! Mike is usually a monthly lens user but he often moans that they can get quite dry from sitting in front of the computer all day under artificial light so we thought that giving daily lenses a go might help to sort that out.

We ordered the Biomedics 1 Day Extra Toric which are the lenses best suited for Mike’s astigmatism in that eye and the Biomedics 1 Day Extra which were designed with an optimised base curve for the most comfortable fit. When doing our research we notice that they were adept at retaining moisture for hydrated, irritation-free eyes and are a top option for those who suffer from dry eyes when wearing monthlies looking to transfer over to dailies, so exactly what we were looking for.

With them being dailies too it just felt that they were far more hygienic to use especially when we go to music festivals and live in muddy, grotty tents for up to a week at a time! There’s also that relief of not having to worry about dropping them when taking them out as they go straight in the bin rather than back into the solution for the next day.

Working out at just under £31 a month for Mike’s prescription so at £1 a day we really think they’re a great investment as Mike was really happy with his lenses and it looks as though he will be sticking to using daily lenses for the foreseeable future! They do work out a little more pricey than monthly lenses but you’re not buying the solution and the pots to store them in, plus travel sized solutions when we forget to pack them when we’re going on holiday, so it all works out quite relative!

Vision Direct also have these great videos on how to put in and take out your contact lenses, something I wish I had seen before going in blind, literally, when I tried them! There are lots of great resources on the site available for you to read and watch so go make use!

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