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What to Consider When Choosing Accommodation in Santorini *

Santorini is an island in the Aegean Sea which takes around 4 hours to fly to from the UK. The rugged island is shaped so due to a devastating volcanic eruption that occurred during the 16th century BC. With breath-taking landscapes and idyllic buildings all over the island and many historical sites to visit, there are many reasons to choose Santorini as your next holiday destination. If this island is on your holiday bucket list, here are a few things that you should think about when choosing villas in Santorini.


This is the biggest thing to think about when choosing where to stay during your visit. You need to consider how much spending money you may need, flight costs and anything else you may need money for such as car hire. You also need to consider money exchange rates for Santorini. You may want to stay in one place or you may want to travel around the island. If you think you will spend a significant amount of time in your accommodation, a villa is probably more ideal and cheaper for meals as you can make your own. Knowing your limits can make it easier in choosing your perfect accommodation within your price range.


You need to consider if you wish to be close to the hustle and bustle of Santorini’s capital Fira, or you wish to enjoy a quieter time outside of the noise. If you are looking at staying further away it may be worth hiring a car to be able to visit all the places that Santorini has to offer, or if you enjoy walking, staying a few kilometres out of the centre so you can still walk in and enjoy the cities views. If you aren’t planning on hiring a car, there will be accommodation available that has good links to public transport to popular tourist destinations.


This is a big one to think about to find an accommodation that has everything you want whilst on holiday. This may be a pool, an on-site bar or your own cooking facilities. There are many villas in Santorini that offer modern kitchens and private pools so that you can enjoy your own food whilst sat by the pool. This means no fighting for a sun lounger, and food will be a lot cheaper than eating out. This is also a great way to try local cuisine you can purchase from the market and cook as a couple or a family. Wi-fi may be available at some places at an additional charge; if you are going to be working at any point during your holiday this is also something to consider. There are internet cafes you can visit if you will only need it for a few hours.


If you are going on a family holiday, this is a big must. Choosing a private rented home can mean you and your children have the privacy you need. If you enjoy staying in a hotel, check if you and your children have adjoining rooms to give you both the privacy you need whilst ensuring your children are safe and close. Try to avoid 18-30 hotels as these can be loud and it may be difficult sleeping. Family-friendly hotels can offer lots of pool activities and evening shows to keep them happy for hours so you can sit back and relax whilst the staff keep your kids entertained.


If you are buying your own travel car, on-site parking is key to ensure your car is safe and travelling is easy. Many accommodations offer parking, but price can vary. If the price to park at your chosen accommodation is too much, it may be worth swapping for public transport or setting your sights on a different place. Check online to see if the parking is safe and see what other users have said, as a hotel may be promising one thing but when you get there it could be completely different.

Whatever accommodation you choose, you are bound to have a fabulous time in Santorini. With many activities for everyone to enjoy, there has never been a better time to visit this gem of an island.

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