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Top Tips for Giving Your Home a Thorough Decluttering *

Do you ever get that feeling where everything feels messy and cramped, giving you very little space to move? Or maybe you’re struggling to relax at the end of the day due to that huge pile of magazines falling over on the coffee table. Well, if this is happening, the best thing you can do is declutter your home. From the living room through to the bedroom, there are always lots of different ways in which you can declutter, and these top tips have been gathered together to help you on your decluttering journey to a spacious, happy home.

Why Declutter your Home?
Decluttering your home is like cleansing your soul, not only does it make your home look like a whole new place, but it will make you feel amazing and positive too. You’ll instantly notice
a lift in the atmosphere in each room once you’ve had a good clear out and tidied the area, giving your home a new lease of life. It doesn’t matter how much time you have to dedicate
to decluttering the house, even the smallest of changes can have a huge impact. It’s all about creating the space you need to feel calm and relaxed at home, without feeling like you
have hundreds of unnecessary items gathered around you.

Planning and Goal Setting
There’s no point starting your decluttering process without planning it out first, as you’ll just end up going back on the work you’ve done. You need to think about a logical plan that will
make the decluttering stages easier, whether that’s selecting certain rooms to start with or figuring out which areas are going to take the longest to declutter etc. You’ll also find that
setting yourself some realistic goals will really help to motivate you and get the work done properly. You may find that setting yourself the goal to empty half of your wardrobe, clear the
whole under-stairs cupboard or even creating a space for utility housework in the garage will help you to reach your goals. It’s always good to work towards a goal, as when you reach it
you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something good.

Create a System
Having a clear system for your decluttering process will really help you to keep things organised. Start by getting yourself some boxes or bags to separate items you want to keep, take to charity, sell or throw away. There’s nothing more frustrating than sorting out space and forgetting where certain items are meant to be going! Having separate systems for each category will also help you to see exactly how much you’re sorting through, which will help you when it comes to making space for new bits and pieces.

Use the Loft
Many people use their lofts for keeping the Christmas decorations safe throughout the year, or for storing all of the baby toys and clothing just in case they’re needed again, but with loft space available, you have the potential to store lots of items neatly up there. Whilst you don’t want to be hoarding clutter or filling the loft with items that you don’t want or need, it’s really useful for items that you may not have use for in the main part of your house. People also use the loft to store seasonal clothing to free up some essential space in the wardrobe, as it’s so easy to pop the loft ladder down and nip into the loft to get certain items as and when you need them!

Be Thorough and Harsh
There’s a big difference between being sentimental and being a hoarder, as many people may hold onto an old piece of furniture because it has been in the family for years but keeping hold of ten years’ worth of magazines may be a little excessive. You need to be thorough and hard on yourself when you’re sorting through certain areas of the house, especially your wardrobe. If there’s something you haven’t seen in the last 5 years, then you aren’t likely to actually need it. Don’t hesitate to throw things away or donate them to charity so that they can go to a home where they’ll be used all the time.

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