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Top Tips For Taking Your Drone On A Flight *

One of the joys of having a drone is being able to take it with you on your travels, to explore new locations and capture some incredible photos and footage. Newer drones are compact and light enough to take to the most far-flung destinations, but there are a few tips and tricks you should follow to make traveling with your drone a breeze. The drone case experts over at the Case Farm have provided some key things you should know before hopping on your next flight with a drone.

Check Bag Size Restrictions

Many airlines have slightly different baggage allowance restrictions, so it’s worth checking ahead of time to make sure that you’re not caught out by any costly excess baggage fees. Not only do you need to be conscious of the size of bag you take, but the weight of it too.

When packing your drone, make sure to include all of the chargers, batteries, and accessories you’ll need for your trip too so you’re not left without an essential component whilst you’re away.

Be Careful with Lithium Batteries

Taking batteries on planes can be a difficult task. Lithium batteries are not allowed in the cabin, so you’ll need to place any lithium batteries in your checked bags. Due to the risk of fire from lithium batteries in a plane hold, where the temperature or air pressure can quickly change, it’s best to make sure your batteries are out of charge before packing. For an extra level of security, invest in a lipo guard bag to further reduce the risk of fire.

It’s worth noting that airlines have different restrictions on the number of batteries you can carry with you on a flight, so make sure to check this with your specific airline before you depart.

Be Prepared To Unpack At Security

When passing through airport security, you’ll be asked to remove any electronics from your bag for inspection, and this will include your drone and its accessories too. Make sure you’ve packed your carry on bag efficiently so you’re able to take out your drone as easily as possible, and repack it again without holding up the security queue.

Protect your Kit

Even the most carefully packed drone can be bumped or damaged whilst traveling, so if you’re a frequent flyer, it may be worth investing in a hard protective case for your drone and accessories. A protective case will keep your kit snug and safe inside, and help it to survive any knocks or scrapes that may happen.

These tips and tricks will make traveling with your drone a breeze!

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4 responses to “Top Tips For Taking Your Drone On A Flight *”

  1. Nathaniel Roswell says:

    Thanks for the tips! This is really a big help to my husband who is a first timer.

  2. Christian Rogers says:

    The tips posted here are relevant. This can help many people especially for those first timers.

  3. Ryan Olivas says:

    This will be helpful to me especially i am a first timer. Nice tips thank you by the way for having this published.

  4. Jane Brenner says:

    Germane tips! Thanks you for this, I’ll definitely take note of these tips. I might need them someday for my travels.

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