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Low Syn Chunky Chicken Breasts with Branston Pickle *

I love finding new recipes, but most of all I love creating my own, especially when they are low syn so they fit with my Slimming World plans. I was recently challenged by Branston Pickle to take an English classic and do something different with it so I headed to the kitchen and after a few trial runs, I made something I was really happy with!

This one is a mere 2 syns each for the entire meal, but if you go overboard on the Branston Pickle remember to count 1 syn for each tablespoon you add.


2x Chicken Breast Fillets
4tbsp Branston Pickle Large Chunk
Harissa Powder
Paprika Powder
1 Red Onion
1 Pepper
Low Calorie Spray
Potatoes for chips


Before you being preheat the oven to 180°C for fan assisted.

Place your chicken breasts in a bowl and add the pickle. You’ll want to make sure that both sides of the breast have some pickle on as it makes quite the difference when cooking! I then sprinkle over a little harissa powder and paprika to our taste as I like things quite spicy! Then season with black pepper to taste. Leave this to marinade for as long as you can, overnight would be perfect but no less than 20 minutes will do the job.

Whilst your chicken is absorbing all that goodness, chop up your potatoes into chip shapes. I tend to leave the skin on as I find they crisp up better. Spray an over tray with your low calorie spray, pop your chips on, spray the top of the chips and sprinkle with a little paprika. Told you I love a little spice! Then put in the oven for 10 minutes.

Whilst your chips are getting a head start in the oven, chop your onion and pepper into chunks. Spray a second oven tray with low calorie spray, and line with your chunky vegetables.

Once the 10 minutes is up for your chips, put your marinated chicken breasts on top of the veggies and put in the oven. Set the timer to 30 minutes but do keep an eye on your chicken as cook times with differ with different sizes.

Simply plate up when you’re happy with how well the chicken and chips have cooked!

If you’re feeling extra healthy then you can always side your meal with a small salad or the favourite in our house, some broccoli and cauliflower but we don’t tend to need it with this meal as it’s rather plentiful with the onion and pepper. You could always roast extra veg under the chicken too such as butternut squash, courgette or tomatoes.

So there you have it, Branston Pickle isn’t just for bringing life to your cheese sandwiches! It makes a really tasty marinade and I can’t wait to to try with some Quorn chicken to see if it’s just as good as the real thing!

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3 responses to “Low Syn Chunky Chicken Breasts with Branston Pickle *”

  1. Oh that looks so good. I love Branston Pickle with everything anyway

  2. Lizi says:

    I need to try this! I’m 3 weeks into Slimming World and definitely need to mix up my recipes as I’m getting bored pretty fast of what I meal prep. Will give this a go.

  3. Ella says:

    Ahh that looks amazing!

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