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Speedy Security and Fueling up for a Flight at Stanstead Airport *

When it comes to flying, I’m a right nervous wreck, so we’ve started to look into ways to keep me calm at the airport as I can often get very anxious before a flight.

One of the best ways to keep me calm, for sure, is to hot foot it through security with a Security FastTrack pass which means no queuing and no getting stressed with hold ups. As I always tend to beep on my way through the scanner, it’s the bow I wear in my hair that I forget to take out time and time again, it means there’s no waiting around to searched. For £5 per person if you book ahead it’s more than worth it!

Another way to keep me chill that I have grown very fond of is using the Lounges to wait for your flight info.

The Escape Longue

At Stanstead, we used the escape lounge which is £25 per person. The Escape Lounge is located in the main departure lounge. Once you’re got through security checks and done all your shopping in the duty-free area, head over to the entrance to the lounge that is located between Coast to Coast and Pret a Manger. It’s really well sign posted so you won’t miss it!

On our arrival there was a sign outside saying they were full but as we were pre-booked, we waltzed right on past to the registration desk. At this point I breathe out a sigh of relief that we’re sat down and the worst of the airport stresses are behind me.

Despite it being around 5am when we usually get to lounges as we love an early flight to make the most of our time on our holiday, it’s never too early for a glass of Prosecco to just make sure those nerves of mine are 100% calmed! I do often grab a cup of tea and a juice too, so don’t worry, I won’t be missing that flight!

The complimentary bar was really well stocked with drinks such as wines, beer and spirits, alongside a hug selection of Twinings tea, coffee, soft drinks and fresh fruit juices. If you’re feeling a little fancy then Champagne is available to purchase but Prosecco is more than good enough for this Essex girl!

I love using lounges like the escape lounge as they offered a really good breakfast spread. I’m not usually a big eater at breakfast but when there’s sausage, bacon, beans, toast and all the extras offered up I’m going to dig right in! I’m always glad I did so after as it can be quite a while til we arrive at our destination and get lunch. I was really impressed with how fresh the food wood and how well stocked it was despite the lounge being at capacity; just shows how hard the staff were working!

When our boarding gate was shown on the screens in the lounge, we finished up our drinks and headed over to get on the plane. We really enjoyed our time in the lounge and I’m every thankful they exists to make my airport journey a lot less stressful!

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